Datafi was founded with a simple mission to make business data more accessible and meaningful.

Datafi Labs in a few words

Datafi offers an innovative data enablement platform to deliver the right data, for the right person, at the right time, simply and securely. Our solution helps organizations move beyond data governance and compliance limitations to liberate their data where it lives today without the operational complexities of other data solutions. Through a holistic data approach the business, technology and security goals are aligned to achieve digital transformation results.

Our solution makes business data accessible and meaningful to drive data applications and modern data workflows. With this new approach, data stakeholders can be comfortable and confident in expanding the use of their data across technology silos and using data in new ways to better serve customers, increase operational efficiencies, and identify new opportunities. As data proliferates across the organization, data professionals – business, technology and security teams – are demanding new methods to collaborate and drive digital transformation. There is a growing divide between the amount of data collected and business pressures to extract value from data. Existing solutions have been designed to either aggregate the data or control the use of the data. Neither approach has genuinely advanced the objectives of data driven organizations, but rather these solutions have contributed to data chaos that diminish the quality and usefulness of the data. 

The concepts of digital transformation are grounded in a simple philosophy that if an organization could find new uses and insights from their data, they could evolve or transform in ways that would increase their economic value. However, data driven innovation is difficult to achieve and complicated by the volume, velocity and variety of data within an organization. To cross the data chasm and become true innovators with their data, organizations could benefit from Datafi’s innovative data enablement platform.


Meet our talented team, leadership and advisors.


Our values are a reflection of us and what drives us to serve our customers, shareholders and employees. We recognize the trust these stakeholders have put in us and we are committed to their success.

Be bold in our pursuit

We pursue our mission with a sense of urgency, passion and excellence. Our successes and failures are opportunities to learn and grow. We are leaders in our vision to change the world.

The best ideas prevail

We challenge our biases and actively seek out and support the best ideas. We are comfortable with being uncomfortable. We challenge the status quo in pursuit of our goals.

Be transparent together

We seek the truth, share our knowledge and hold ourselves accountable. We are open-minded and believe in the value of thoughtful disagreements.

Our journey is our passion

We accept change and know that nothing remains the same. We challenge each other to grow in pursuit of our vision. We accept that will experience success and failure along the way.

Live life to its fullest

We believe that meaningful relationships and purpose towards a greater good are the keys to a fulfilling life. Everyone has the right to be happy; be your whole self.

One company

We are united in our cause and accept each other for who we are. We actively develop our diversity of ideas, culture and gender as our core strength and unfair advantage.


We are looking for exceptionally talented people. We expect the best from ourselves and those who join us our our journey to be invaluable to our customers and build a world class company.


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Use Cases

Learn how Datafi helps businesses increase their organization's data knowledge to drive new insights, achieve new outcomes and server customers better.

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